What Is a Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors uk - Baby monitors are very popular nowadays, with most parents purchasing one as part of their shopping list for their new baby. There are a few different types of baby monitor manufactured by many different brands, so as you can imagine, there is plenty choice out there. There is a baby monitor available for every budget, as you can purchase one for as little as £20 if you search online.

So what is a baby monitor? What is it for, and what does it do? It quite simply is a useful device to help parents keep an eye or an ear (or both!) on their baby. Baby monitors certainly do not replace the need to check on your baby, but they can provide you with a constant connection to your baby so that you can hear (or see) them while you are in another room of the home.

So what are the most popular types of baby monitor available on the market today?

Audio baby monitors: These allow you to listen to your baby from another room, and usually consist of a baby unit (transmitter), and a parent unit (receiver). These are the most basic type of baby monitor, but are still very much popular.

Video baby monitors: These allow you to listen and see your baby while you are in another room. They usually consist of a camera (transmitter) and a handheld screen (receiver). This type of baby monitor is more advanced than the audio baby monitor, although there are still many parents who prefer an audio only monitor.

Baby breathing monitors: These devices help you to monitor baby’s breathing movements. These usually consist of a sensor pad and alarm, although some consist of a small device which simply attaches to baby’s nappy or clothing. The monitor detects even the small movements made by breathing, and if baby were to stop breathing, the alarm will sound after 20 seconds of no breathing detected.

Some baby breathing monitors on the market also have audio monitoring, which means the device helps you to monitor baby’s breathing as well as allow you to listen to baby’s sounds. Angelcare have now released a model which has audio, video, and breathing monitoring all packed into one device.

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